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Death in the Mumbwa

Afrikan metsästystä parhaimmillaan!
Zambia, Kafuen tasanko ja Bangawelun suot!

Kuvattu HD tarkkuudella.

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Big Bore Productions announces the release of Death in the Mumbwa, filmed in one of Africa's premier hunting concessions in Zambia, with Swanepoel and Scondrol Safaris.

Join Mark Buchanan and his friends as they harvest 3 Giant Leopard and 2 Trophy lion on film!

This DVD has it all, from the amazing cats to the unique plains game, to the buffalo hunt that you must see to believe. This video also contains extremely rare footage from the Kafue Flats and Bangwelu Swamps where Mark takes the Kafue and Black Lechwe, Tessebe, and one of the most difficult animals in Africa, the Sititunga.

An instant classic!

Death in the Mumbwa
Death in the Mumbwa
 Death in the Mumbwa

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Koko: 160min.
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